* Click here for Our School’s History

We began in the 70’s in the basement of a church with a dream.  Here you can read about how our school began and what we are standing for.

* Click here for Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos

Our school is named after a very important person in Puerto Rican history.  Here you can read a biography, that was researched and created by one of our first Directors.

* Click here for Lolita Lebron

Women do not get enough credit for their accomplishments.  Lolita Lebron is one of the most important people in Puerto Rican history, who spoke with strong words but with even stronger actions.  We named our Family Learning Center after this woman.

* Juan Antonio Corretjer

One of the Puerto Rican Cultural Centers in Chicago is located on Division street, Paseo Boricua.  It is named after one of the most important writers in Puerto Rican History, Juan Antonio Corretjer.

* Board Directors

Get to know our School’s Board of Directors.  This is the group that deals with the integrity of our school’s operations.

* Staff/Faculty

Please visit this page to get to know the staff and faculty of Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School.

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