Organization Services
Barretto’s Boys and Girls Club Use of space for physical education, interventions, groups, lunch, senior portfolio presentations, and Unity.
Bethany Community Fund Funder for Attendance Counselor position
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Provides pro bono attorney services for students who are homeless
Chicago Fund for Safe & Peaceful Communities Previously awarded grant to provide student stipends for students and staff to engage in community building and summer arts programming.
Cook County Justice Advisory Council Funder for the Cook County Violence Prevention grant that provides support for the Young Men’s Group and the Puerto Rican Police Association, programming with the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, meditation programming, and Literature for All of Us programming.
Illinois Caucus for Adolecent Health Through the Cook County VP grant, provides on-site sexual health and healthy relationship workshops.
Literature for All of Us Through the 21st Century Grant and the Cook County VP grant, provides on-site literature workshops for the young parents and Young Women’s Leadership Group.
Youth Empowering Strategies Provides on-site health workshops during Science class