The Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School started its Green Community Builders YouthBuild Program (GCBYP) in March 2020. The GCBYP is designed to give PACHS students between the ages of 16 to 24 the ability to gain hands-on construction skills and build affordable housing developments in low – income communities.  The youth will also learn about financial literacy, mental toughness, leadership skills and soft skills in an effort to prepare them to work in the construction industry and beyond. PACHS has partnered with Revolution Workshop. Revolution Workshop’s trained and certified staff will train students in the construction industry. 

Additionally, besides learning about the construction industry, the students will each receive weekly stipends and bus passes, mentorship, social support, and other valuable resources that will allow them to excel in the construction field and in life. GCBYP is committed to providing our students the best opportunities.

Lastly, if you need additional information about PACHS’ Green Community Builders YouthBuild Program, please email the YB Program Director, Dr. Sherry Hunter at