Youth Development Team

The Youth Development (YD) Team of Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School is comprised of two Deans and three mentors who all manage programs that focus on the social, emotional, wellness, advocacy, college preparedness, work readiness, and motivational support of every student within the school. 

The Youth Development team focuses on meeting the students where they are and guiding them through a process of self and social transformation. All members of the Youth Development team have educational and professional experience in providing culturally relevant and social/emotional services to help support students in overcoming barriers and preparing them to see themselves as agents of change.

The YD team utilizes Healing Centered Engagement and Trauma Informed work so that PACHS offers an important departure from only viewing young people through the lens of harm and focuses on asset driven strategies that highlight possibilities for well-being. An asset driven strategy acknowledges that young people are much more than the worst thing that happened to them, and builds upon their experiences, knowledge, skills and curiosity as positive traits to be enhanced.

Programs offered by the Youth Development Team:

21st Century Community Learning Centers (Instituto Abayarde) – After school program that connects students and parents with programming that is relevant, student-driven, and academically-based. The goal of the program is to ensure that students are engaged in after school activities and that parent involvement activities are developed. Funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

1- After School Matters and One Summer Chicago – Programs provide on-site and off-site internships and apprenticeships in the fields of healthcare, robotics, greenhouse, and leadership development. The program is funded through After School Matters and the Chicago Department of Family & Support Services.

2- Community Youth Employment Program (CYEP) – Program is a community-based career pathways program focused on sector-based training, with added elements of a mentorship model. Includes advanced pathway training, certification, job readiness skill development, subsidized career pathway on-the-job-experience, and job placement. Funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

3- Re-Enrolled Student Project (RSP) – Program provides academic and wraparound services that focus on re-enrolling students and supporting them in every way possible as they earn their high school diploma. Funded by the Illinois Community College Board.

4- Title XX/Compass – Program provides services outside of the classroom environment in order to help students achieve their personal and educational goals. Funded through the Illinois Department of Human Services and the City of Chicago Department of Family & Support Services.

5- Youth Experiencing Success (YES) – Program provides academic and mentoring services, including counseling, assessment, support services, and advocacy. Goal of the program is to connect students with post-secondary training and career pathways. Program provides funding for hands-on workforce experience. Funded by the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership and WIOA.

6 – Youth Resilience Project (YRP) – Program works with students to implement trauma focused, conflict resolution curriculum through group and individual interventions. Program uses guided curriculum that has shown success with the Becoming A Man programs in Chicago schools. Funded by the City of Chicago Department of Family Support Services.

7- Youth, Scholars, Skills, Service (YS3) – Program provides support for youth in care who reside in traditional foster care, home of relative, independent living, or group home. Program provides mentoring, college placement, and support. Funded through the Department of Children & Family Services.